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Welcome to our website!


Welcome and thank you for visiting us! Here at My Girlfriend’s House, Inc. we are a community of women from different walks of life, coming together for one common purpose: to help make a positive change in the lives of young ladies. Through our group mentoring, community outreach, or volunteerism, our goal is to empower women and young girls to become better, stronger, and smarter.

Better. You’re never too old to learn something new or to grow into a better person. We encourage our mentees and volunteers to always soar to greater heights. Through community service, skills training, and ongoing mentoring, we have developed a platform that allows women and girls to build confidence and character as well as become better leaders in their community.

Stronger. The power of a smart, independent, and confident woman is unparalleled. What makes a strong Diva? It’s her ability to grow beyond her current situation, no matter how difficult. It’s her determination to succeed, regardless of how hard she has to work. It’s the confidence in knowing that she is beautiful without needing reassurance from anyone. My Girlfriend’s House offers support and resources to women and girls that help them recognize their strength and abilities – and to tap into their “inner Diva”.

Smarter. It’s important for us to stress the value of education. At My Girlfriend’s House we expose our mentees to many educational, creative, life, and technical skills that will build and improve their skill set, heighten their talents, and allow them to confidently accomplish new tasks.
My Girlfriend’s House is an organization dedicated to the community, for the community. We invite you to browse our website to learn more about the programs and initiatives we provide to our community and see what you can do to get involved.