Welcome to My Girlfriend’s House, Inc

Empowering girls to lead, innovate, and serve.

We work with teen girls to expand their sense of positive identity and worth, improve interpersonal skills and develop college and career readiness.

Every year over 150 underprivileged teen girls with limited opportunities but lots of potential, are positively impacted by the mentoring, educational and volunteer programs that My Girlfriend’s House provides.  These girls matter. They are the future of America. My Girlfriend’s House offers them the chance to achieve the American dream that all of us strive for to have a happy, productive and prosperous life.  We are a community of women from different walks of life, dedicated to empowering and enriching the lives of teen girls with the mission to make them Better, Stronger, and Smarter.


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With programs such as Purse Strings for my Girlfriends and the Shelter Room Makeover, we encourage our girls to be community minded while developing their leadership skills.


Through our Girl Talk Mentoring and our Girl Circle programs, we encourage positive social, emotional, and academic growth while preparing girls for independent adult lives.


With programs such as the College Tours, Summer Camps and the College Girl Club, we encourage academic achievement, post-secondary education, and planning for a 21st century career. READ MORE


Student Ambassador
acknowledges the student with the most improvement both in the classroom and in the community.